Goal: Have you ever had a website ask you to prove you are not a robot? In this app, we will do that.

This video shows the working product



These videos explain how to build the app.

Video 1
Video 2


1. (*) Changing the icon and app name.

You know how to download the app to your phone (by selecting Build/app (Provide QR code for .apk) ). There is a way of changing both the icon that shows up on your phone and the name it is known by. This is done by specifying the AppName and the Icon image from t he properties menu for the Screen.


New Ideas:

A sound component can play short sound clips or just vibrate. Use the sound component to vibrate for 500 milliseconds when the wrong answer is picked. Add this to your RobotReaction procedure.


Useful Terminology:
Procedure** -- A procedure is a set of instructions that are designed to do an operation that occurs frequently.