The slider allows you to set a value or a number from your User Interface (UI). If you didn't have a slider you would have to set your values or number arguments in the blocks page.

*In other words only the programmer could adjust the values, the slider allows the user to interact with the code.

1. First locate the slider in the Palette and then drag it into your App Viewer.


2. Now you can adjust the Minimum and Maximum value of your slider in the properties column.

*Note: Look at other options that you can adjust. If you are unsure what an option does... experiment it with it. Change the option and see how it affects the App.

3. Once you have added the the slider Block to a set. block you should be able to use it in your App. Below is an example of a Slider being used to set the lineWidth in a painting App.


You can also use a when.PositionChanged block to use your sliders.