To resize a component you will need to adjust the Height and Width options in the properties column. *Remember you will need to first select the component that you want to resize.

1. For this example we will resize the canvas component, but you can use this as an example for resizing other components like buttons, balls, images, etc. Once the canvas component is selected look to the properties column and find the Height and Width options.


2. Click on the aspect that you want to adjust first and you will see four options: Automatic, Fill Parent, Pixels, and Percent.


Automatic is the default and it represents your components current size.

Fill parent means that the component will expand to the end of screen.

Pixels are used to measure the size of images (Below are examples of Pixel sizes).

Percent is used to tell the component how much of screen you want it to cover.

***If you choose Fill Parent and your screen is scrollable (see image below), then Fill Parent will not work for your Height. This is because with a scrollable screen your height is unknown.


Examples of Pixels Sizes.

***Note the height difference between both canvases.

***Note a full, non-scrollable screen is about 350 pixels... play around with the sizes until you get what you want.

Example One: 100 Pixels for the Height


Example Two: 250 Pixels for the Height