It's very important to name your components, especially when you start to create a lot of components. Imagine you have Six buttons like the image below. If you kept the names all the same they would be Button1, Button2, Button3, etc. It might be difficult to remember which button does what, so we need to change the name of the buttons in the component column.


1. First you must locate the Button that you want to change in the component column.


2. Click the Rename button at the bottom of the Component column. Prompt will appear. Enter your new name in the space provided. When renaming a component you should be descriptive. For example, I will call this component Red_Button. This tells me that the component is Red and that it is a button. Also remember you should have no spaces between words.


3. Once you have finished you should see the new name of your button component in the component column.


To change other components you can do the same thing.