Goal: Our goal is to create something useful (not that an excuse generator isn't useful :-))

1. For this project, you are to create a tour of campus or some other place.

There are no specific instructions on how to create the walking tour. You should be able to use skills you have used in previous apps to build this one.

2. When you are placing sprites on the map, how can you tell what position they should be in?

Trial and error doesn't sound too fun. When you just drag the sprite into the location, it may look different when it displays on your phone. I wanted the phone to tell me the location of where I was clicking so I could put the sprite at the location I used something like:


3. I wrote down the coordinates (x,y values) and set the sprite location to those values in Designer.

4. My image (indicating there was content there) was just a button that I resized in photoshop (so I could retain the transparent background).

5. Try making it so when you click on your button, you branch to a webpage.