What does the TextToSpeech component do?

Adding the TextToSpeech component will allow your app read text out loud. Of course you will need to tell your app when and what to read (using commands in the Blocks page), but first you must add the component to your app.

design button.png

1. You can find the TextToSpeech Component in the palette on the left, under the media tab. See picture below.

***Note the top right hand corner of the page... you should be in the designer page.


2. You will need to drag the TextToSpeech component into the viewer like other components, however notice that it does not show up in the viewer pane. You can see it in the Component bar, but it is invisible in the viewer. You will notice that it actually drops below the viewer.


*Although it doesn't look like much now, you will see shortly that the TextToSpeech component plays a big role in developing this app.

TextToSpeech -- Blocks