Before, we had to manually enter our own text into the Blocks Page for the button to speak. In this section, we will learn how to add a text box so that a user can input their own text to be spoken by the device.

design button.png

1. Go to the Designer Page and find the Textbox component in the Palette. It is under the User Interface Tab.


2. After you have located the TextBox component drag it into the viewer. You should see the Textbox in both the viewer and the Component column. It should look like the following picture.

Play around with some of the properties of the textbox such as the TextColor or width of the box.


3. Properties.

The properties tab column for a Textbox has the following options.

Background Color: Change the background color.

Enabled: Enables the textbox code.

FontBold: Text entered into the box will be bolded.

FontItalic: Text entered into the box will be italicized.

FontSize: Manipulate the size of the text.

FontTypeface: Changes the font type of the text.

Height: Changes the height of the textbox.

Width: Changes the width of the textbox.


MultiLine: Allows for multiple lines to be added to the textbox.

Text: The text that starts in the textbox.

TextAlignment: Text can be set to the left, right, or middle.

TextColor: Adjust the color of the text.

Visible: Allow your textbox to be visible.