Hello Teachers!
Suggestions for lunchtime activities:
Monday - a getting to know you activity / if then else game
Tuesday - Computer and Programmer drawing activity
Wednesday - Blurt
Thursday - Blurt 2.0

To contact Christina for support:
  • Use the Google Hangout sent to your primary email
  • Call Christina directly at 406 356 6284

App Files - These are the .aia files which must be imported into App Inventor (just like the debugging files)
Click "Projects" on the top of the screen and then "import project (.aia) from my computer" to add these to your App Inventor account.

Talk to Me .aia
Paint Pot .aia
Channel Surfing .aia
I'm NOT a Robot .aia
Counting .aia
Riddle Me This .aia
Color Me a Rainbow .aia
Positive Self Talk .aia
Excuse Generator .aia
Fav Sport .aia
Fav Sport Fix .aia
Selfie Slideshow .aia