What is a sprite?

•An image 'sprite' can be placed on a Canvas, where it can react to touches and drags, interact with other sprites and the edge of the Canvas, and move according to its property values.
•We will use a sprite for the balls so they can move and be touched.
•We will also use sprites for the holes – just to demonstrate sprites don’t need to move.

1. You can find sprites on the designer page in the palette column under the Drawing and Animation tab.


2. You will need to drag the sprites onto a Canvas.

***Notice how only one of my sprites has an image. The other sprites still need an image uploaded. Also note the difference between the Sprite icons and the Canvas icons.

3. In the image below I have uploaded all of the images and I adjusted the location of each of the sprites.

***Note that my bowling ball does not have a white box around it. I used the transparency tool on the home page to edit this image.

4. In the properties column you can edit the location of the Sprites by changing their X, Y, and Z coordinates.


5. Finally, don't forget to name your sprites. Notice how it will be hard to know which sprite is for the holes and which sprite is for the balls if I don't name them properly.