Try putting this on the phone as an app - so you won't have to be connected to app inventor for it to run. The instructions for how to do that are at: Instructions.

I found it easiest just to do the following:

  • Select Build/App (provide QR code for apk)

  • Be patient while it builds the apk and QR code.

  • Use Ai Companion to scan the QR code. Select "install" and then "Open".

  • If you haven't set up the phone to allow code from unknown sources, it will take you directly to settings to make that change. Then, enter AI Companion and scan again.

  • To find the app again, click on the apps button. (A circle with six dots in it).


A few warnings:

a. If the project is too big (like WomenSpeak), you will get an error:Build failed! Timeout while fetching URL.
b. It takes a while to "build" the QR code or the apk file.
If using an apk file, the easiest thing is to email it (as at attachment) to the address of the android user.