We can add a Player component to our App so that we can play music.

1. First locate the Player in the Palette column under the Media tab.


2. Second, drag the player into the viewer. Note that the player drops below the screen as an "invisible component". You can also see it in the component column.

I renamed my player the "LaughingPlayer". This makes it clear, especially if I want to have players for other things - like groaning.

***By adding the component in the design window you will have access to Player Blocks in the Block window.


3. Associate a sound file (mp3) with the player.

  • The file needs to first be downloaded to your computer. Remember where you put it.

  • Rename the file so it doesn't have special characters. This can be done by right clicking on the name and selecting "Rename"

  • When you click on the Source under Player Properties, it will give you an option of uploading a file.


  • Click Upload File. Choose the file. Click "Open". Click OK.

  • The file is now associated with the player.