The clock is used to set your App and actions in your App on a timer. In Positive Self Talk App we will be using the clock to set a timer for changing the picture and message.

Think: What are some other possible uses for the clock? If you can't think of anything ask your neighbor.

1. To find the clock first look under the sensor tab in the palette column.


2. Note that when you drag the clock into your App it is invisible.


3. If you select the clock component and examine the properties column you can adjust the setting for your clock.

*TimerAlwaysFires -- Unclick this if you want to set your timer to fire only on certain occasions
*TimerEnabled -- UnCheck this if you want your timer to start off. You will then need code to tell the clock when to start
      • TimeInterval -- It is currently set at 5000 which is equivalent to 5 seconds. So, 1000 would be 1 sec, and 500 would be a 1/2 second.