You can change the layout of your components by making them lineup horizontally, vertically, or by placing them in a table.

1. First, you should be on the Designer page and you should locate the Layout tab in the palette column on the left.

*Note you have three options: HorizontalArrangement, TableArrangement, and VerticalArrangement.


2. Select the HorizontalArrangement and drag it into the viewer. Once you have done this you should see it in the viewer as an empty box.


3. Now drag the components into the empty HorizontalArrangment box. In the example below I dragged two buttons into the HorizontalArrangment box to put them side by side.

*Note you may have to resize the buttons to fit all of them on the same screen.


4. You can do the same with the VerticalArrangement and TableArrangment options.


5. Note that when you add a layout component to the viewer it appears in the Layout Column.